Chat server info

Chat server info

Postby Ben Chiu » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:16 pm

As promised, here are the instructions to chat with the group online. We typically meet twice a week (Tues and Thurs 7pm PT), but that's changed a bit lately to Monday and Wednesday (and it'll be Thursday this week 12-4-14).

We use the Ventrilo to voice and text chat (you can type if you don't have a mic).

Download and Intall:
If you're on Windows or MAC, download the free Ventrilo client here:

There are free clients for Android (search for Ventriloid) and iPhone/iPad (called Ventrilode) at the Play store and iTunes. While these clients work on mobile devices, if you've got a lower horsepower/older device, it can get choppy. Also note, if you're on a measured data plan, you might be better off on a wifi connection.

Start up Ventrilo and you'll setup a username and server (click the New button first for each). Our server is, of course, Type that in the Hostname or IP or Server box. OK out of the dialog boxes and click the Connect button.

It should all work right out of the box, but you can always check/test your mic and speakers if you click the Setup button. The server runs 24/7, so you can drop in at any time to see if you connect OK.

Finally, if you do join us for a chat session and you don't hear anything, make sure the Mute Sound check box is un-checked in Ventrilo. You can always post in the Tech Support forum if you have trouble and one of us can help troubleshoot during a chat session.

Hope to talk movies with you guys soon!
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