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Postby Ben Chiu » Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:26 pm

WRECK-IT RALPHe to watch a few movies this last week and we watched this one as a family (spring break).

Is it just me or are the best movies made today more often than not, animated ones?

Here is what I see:

WRECK-IT RALPH (replace the title with pretty much any animated movie in the last 4-5 years):
+ Fun
+ The whole family can enjoy it
+ Character development
+ Good story
+ Good ending
+ Plot twists
+ Moral message
+ Action
+ Adventure
+ Emotional content that'll make you laugh, cry, and feel for an inanimate object. (There are so many movies that I've seen that I don't even care for the main character and it's a human!)
+ Great cinematography
+ Good music

Agree or disagree?

Care to guess why this is?

What gets me is with the current state of CG technology, what's really different between "live action" movies and animated movies other than live actors? There's where you'll find the answer.

So back to WRECK-IT RALPH.

I grew up with the 8-bit games ("8-bit" refers to the color palette--number of colors--used in games of this era, and while not technically accurate to explain the low resolution of the time--blockiness of the graphics--the term does imply low resolution as well) featured in the movie, and although I'd consider myself a sentimentalist, it takes more than the subject matter or nods to pop culture to keep my interest in movies. The 8-bit storyline does allow lower quality art (compared to a Pixar production) probably helped reduce the production costs, but never the less WRECK-IT RALPH is very watchable.

I can't say this is one of the greatest movies ever made or even in the top 10 or top 10 of animated features, but it's a solid movie on par with other CG features and of the quality level you'd expect from Disney. So there's very little that needs to be said really. If there's any downside, it's perhaps the references to old arcade games. Just as parents today have to explain to your children what a cassette tape is, you may need to explain what an arcade game is too. Feeling old yet?
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