This Phone Lets You Send Smells

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This Phone Lets You Send Smells

Postby Ben Chiu » Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:08 pm

Forget text messaging, the 'oPhone' lets you send smells


There's a point in every successful product line's life cycle where most of the useful features have been implemented and refined to the point where they have to aggressively scrape the bottom of the idea barrel (and sometimes clear through to the floor!) to find something new to add in an attempt to lure buyers to upgrade. We've seen it in products like Microsoft Word--I still use MSWord 2000 (I simply hate the ribbon)--where the new "features" are things that 95%+ of the public will never use.

With devices like cell phones, there's an additional strategy of miniaturization that just about peaked as well (in MindScans, while developing cell phone designs for props, we determined that they can only be so small before they will become inoperable--which the industry has taken to splitting the device into two or more packages like the cell phone watch and eye glasses). So while the "smell-O-phone" doesn't surprise me, it's pretty silly and doomed to ultimately fail. Now I say "ultimately" because there will be some people who will buy in. Although I won't buy one, the jokester in me can't help but think the crank call will be taken to a whole new level with such a device. :lol:

Read more about it here:
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