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Postby Ben Chiu » Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:13 pm

I didn't hate this one, but I didn't like it either. I'm a superhero fan--always have been, but Thor is the most boring superhero of the bunch. Thor's brother Loki is a much more interesting character. I liked (perhaps "didn't hate" is more accurate) the first Thor movie, but couldn't make it through THOR: THE DARK WORLD (T:TDW). A few weeks later, I gave it another chance and powered through it.

Again, while I didn't hate T:TDW, it was my least favorite of the big budget superhero movies thus far. I tried to narrow it down to a single reason, but it's more of a number of small issues than a single deal killer. I can overlook the lack of chemistry between Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Natalie Portman (Thor's love interest, Jane Foster) and the Star Wars-esque giant battle scenes (immortals using guided missile-like fireballs and anti-aircraft batteries shooting down fighter aircraft-- really?) It'd be more interesting to watch Thor and his buddies beat down the enemy using their trademark skills (like the hammer and hand-to-hand skills, sword fighting, etc.), but it seems like most big budget Hollywood movies these days, a movie can't end without a huge battle destroying a city.

While I am aware that it's possible that I've reached Superhero movie burn out (where I'm not so excited about the latest installment of super movie that I'm perfectly OK with waiting for it come out on DVD), I'm *almost* at the point that I don't even care if there's a new sequel out. I don't even care for the reboots (which IMHO, have not been better). However, I am still interested in seeing the latest Captain America. Hopefully that'll restore my interest in the genre.
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