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Postby Ben Chiu » Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:43 pm

I watched MAN OF STEEL (MOS) a few weeks ago (along with several other movies), but I have to write about this one first. I know at least one of you think this is the best Superman movie yet, but I'm not a fan of this re-boot.

While I'm typically not a fan of most re-boots/re-imaginings (Battlestar Gallactica is one of few exceptions and I'm partial to DOCTOR WHO which is more of a continuation than a reboot--very clever that they built that into the show), "hate" would be too strong a word for my opinion of MOS. I get the "more realistic" take on the superhero ala DARK KNIGHT, but what I strongly dislike about MOS is the abandoning of much of the canon of Superman. It's almost like the new Star Trek without the alternate timeline get out of jail free card.

Again, like in new Star Trek, instead of the characters being clever, they're just more physical and violent. I don't mind action and violence, but having characters that don't have the smarts, at least partially to the level as their other traits, leaves us with a Superman outright killing people. I miss the Superman who was also super-smart. (What can I say? I like well-rounded characters and I think that's a big part of what has made Superman so popular over the years.)

There were other things that I didn't work for me too (lack of chemistry between Lois and Superman, but I can't say I liked the re-booted Lois much either). And while I can't say I missed the camp of the previous movies, this one misses the mark in too many areas for me to really not be annoyed with watching it.

Add in Ben Affleck as Batman to the mix for the next movie... I'm still keeping an open mind.
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