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Postby Ben Chiu » Sat Nov 16, 2013 3:36 pm

Picked this one up with my Warner Brothers movie DVD deal order. I saw this in the theater back in 1973 and although I don't think I've ever seen it again since then. It left a big impression on me because I remember the main parts of it very well. I wanted to watch it again now that I know a little more about movies to see if my opinion changed at all.

Well, it holds up. Some of the FX are hokey by today's standards and I found myself wanting to see the old/now standard, just when you think you killed it, it comes back again and again and the old when the K-wrap hits the fan, all hell breaks loose against impossible odds. This movie does that, but not to the level we've become accustomed to. Sad really, but I'm just like everyone else and have been conditioned to expect "more" because my senses(?) have been dulled like a soldier becomes battle hardened to violence (like the opening in MindScans, ha!).

A few other things that struck me as funny now is how Yul Brynner's outfit looks identical to what he wore in the iconic THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (TMS). It was probably done on purpose, but since his character in TMS was a good guy, well, he looks bad ass in black no matter. Then the relentless pursuit was, just my guess, where James Cameron's TERMINATOR got its cues from.

[As an aside, I think all of these characters evolved from THE MUMMY (the original monster)--which I find hilarious personally. I mean, the Mummy suffered from stiff joints and could hardly walk. I'm sure even my tired old bones could out run him! Or better yet, couldn't those characters just hopped into a car or airplane to escape that guy?! The same goes for pirates--peg leg, hook for a hand and only one eye?! Well, I guess if you're on a boat... hmm, unless you're a child, I think a character should be able to defeat someone with such disadvantages... ah, but logic goes out the window I suppose when the music takes over... LOL]

In any case, I think WESTWORLD (WW) is a great movie worth watching because its still entertaining and for historic cinematic reasons. WW has reminded me that Michael Crichton did some amazing work and I'll have to re-watch his other movies.
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